Packages by cliffano

  • generator-bob Generator for Bob-built node.js projects
  • roombox Roomba boombox
  • bagofrequest A bag-of-holding containing request utility functions.
  • pkjutil Package.json utility tool
  • nodelint The nodelint command line tool allows you to check for problems using JSLint. You can specify your own --config file to use alternate JSLint options and your own --reporter file if you want to customise the generated output.
  • cmdt Command-line tool for testing command-line tools
  • buildlight node.js library for Delcom USB Visual Signal Indicator
  • sapi Sensis API node.js client
  • jazz A simple template engine built specifically for nodejs.
  • couchpenter CouchDB database and document setup tool.
  • couchtato CouchDB documents iterator tool.
  • eggtart Delicious API node.js client
  • ae86 Old school static website generator.
  • health Resource status monitoring library.
  • repoman Multi-repository source code management command-line tool
  • bagofcli A bag-of-holding containing CLI utility functions.
  • nestor Jenkins CLI and node.js client
  • bob Convention-based build tool for node.js projects.
  • breaker Host
  • couchexport
  • and 6 more
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