Packages by cmfatih

  • amazon-costs Amazon Costs module can be used for retrieving Amazon product information and calculating costs for fulfillment and merchant channels.
  • amazon-seller Amazon Seller module can be used for retrieving Amazon seller information.
  • app-seed app-seed is an application skeleton for web apps. It uses AngularJS for front-end and Node.js (with hapi) for back-end. It is suitable for Single Page Application (SPA) and provides user authentication with Google OAuth 2.0
  • asqs-mdb asqs-mdb is an application for handling Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) messages and saving into a MongoDB database.
  • iptocountry IP to Country module can be used for detecting country information of IP addresses without any API call.
  • memcing Memcing is an in-memory key-value caching application with REST API feature.
  • mws-product MWS Product module can be used for retrieving product information via Amazon MWS API.
  • utilex utilex module provides extra functions for node.js applications.
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