Packages by coen-hyde

  • behave Wraps a function to limit the amount of times it can be called, then calls the a notifier function once that limit has been reached.
  • cookie-swap Client Session Manager
  • dockmaster Vhost middleware router for Distribute that uses Seaport to intelligently route requests
  • grunt-fastly A Grunt plugin to purge cache from Fastly
  • grunt-hang Hang express/connect requests while a grunt build process is in progress
  • grunt-snockets-tree A grunt plugin for calculating a snockets concatination tree
  • knet-client KNet client to talk with KNet
  • mangomodel A simple mongo db model maker
  • mangomodel-search A search mixin for mangomodel
  • neatdesk-renamer Renames NeatDesk exported pdf's to a chronological format
  • skyrun Skyrun is a small utility library to assist running local scripts on remote servers. Skyrun logs into remote hosts via SSH.
  • ttlfn Wraps a function with a time limit. If the function is not called by the specified time it will never call the original function and optionally call a notifier function.
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