Packages by cpsubrian

  • stow Caching with a flexible invalidation strategy
  • hardhat Scaffolding utility for blue-collar programmers.
  • modeler-elasticsearch ElasticSearch store for modeler.
  • jog-stdstore Provides StdStore for jog
  • views Views registry and rendering
  • brianify "Brianifies" a directory into one of his new node modules
  • fsls Print directory trees with glob filtering.
  • expres Add express compatible methods to your response object
  • etc-yaml YAML configuration parser for `etc`
  • peerdeptest-1
  • etc Configuration loader for node.js applications
  • stact Manage a stack of functions and execute them with flow control.
  • stac Maintain a sorted stack of things.
  • pace Command-line progress bar and progress metrics. Helps you measure the 'pace' of a long-running script.
  • mgit Multi-Git. Command-line tool for working with directories of git repositories.
  • elasticsearch-memcached Wraps elasticsearch with memcached transport.
  • moment-cli CLI for printing dates via momentjs.
  • proto-list-deep Extends proto-list with a 'deepSnapshot'
  • stact-hooks Manage a registry of function stacks and run them.
  • peerlink Offers `npm link` functionaltiy for developing with peerDependencies.
  • and 5 more

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