Packages by craigspaeth

  • artsy-backbone-mixins A library of Backbone mixins that DRY up some common domain logic and Artsy API rabbit holes..
  • artsy-passport Wires up the common auth handlers for Artsy's [Ezel]( apps using [passport](
  • artsy-xapp-middleware Node middleware that fetches an xapp token from Artsy, stores it in res.locals, and expires it.
  • backbone-cache-sync A server-side adapter that caches Backbone.fetch requests using Redis.
  • backbone-super-sync Server-side Backbone.sync adapter using super agent.
  • benv Stub a browser environment and test your client-side code in node.js.
  • browserify-dev-middleware Middleware to compile browserify files on request for development purpose.
  • bucket-assets Uploads a folder of static assets to an s3 bucket with convenient assumptions.
  • emoji-clipboard Pulls an emojicon from and copies it to your clipboard.
  • ezel ![image](
  • jquery.fillwidth A jQuery plugin that given a `ul` with images inside their `lis` will do some things to line them up so that everything fits inside their container nice and flush to the edges. Used throughout [Artsy]( to make rows of images fit inside a fluid container and still stay flush without cropping the images.
  • nap Compile and package your assets including stylesheets, javascripts, and client-side javascript templates for node.js
  • sentry Watch files (using a path, wildcards, or a regex) and execute a function or shell command.
  • sharify Easily share data between modules meant to run on the server and client using browserify.
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