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  • whisk Functional operation helpers (underscore-like) for working with map, filter, reduce, etc
  • simkey Cross browser compatible KeyboardEvent dispatcher
  • checkevents Server Sent Events testing helper for tape
  • rtc-quickconnect Create a WebRTC connection in record time
  • depot_tools Helper module for downloading and working with google's depot_tools
  • classtweak DOM Element Class Tweaking (similar to classList native API)
  • steelmesh-loader JavaScript application loader logic
  • recipe Web Component Recipe Helpers
  • rtc-sharedcursor WebRTC P2P Shared Cursor Implementation via Data Channels (requires rtc-quickconnect)
  • steelmesh CouchDB distribution and management of Node.js applications
  • blockdown Markdown content injector for pure HTML templates
  • actionman Autowiring of DOM events into eve
  • urlish A string parser that determines if something is url-like
  • timelord JS duration functions and parser, focused on ISO8601 format
  • sniff JS Type and Prototype Sniffing
  • rtc-filter-grayscale Grayscale video processing filter for rtc-videoproc
  • decker Browserifiable Web Presentations
  • rtc-captureconfig Simple string definition -> WebRTC constraints
  • unistroke Algorithmically equivalent but more Javascripty version of the Washington $1 Unistroke Regognizer
  • kapp Kondoot Application Wrapper - the baseline wrapper for building distributed, centrally managed apps at Kondoot
  • and 155 more

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