Packages by dankantor

  • audio-controls Audio Controls ==============
  • audio-metadata-display Audio Metadata Display ======================
  • audio-progress-bar This handles common functionality with an audio progress bar such as updating current time position, duration, progress bar position, loading indicator and seeking.
  • audio-volume-bar volume-bar ==========
  • dk-seed ERROR: No README.md file found!
  • iex-audio This object provides access to a native audio player that mimics the HTML5 Audio API. (iOS) In Cordova.plist/Plugins, add this mapping (key:IEXAudio, value:IEXAudio)
  • image-loader
  • insert-html Use a promise and requestAnimationFrame to insert HTML.
  • ipod-plugin
  • itunes-parser itunes-parser =============
  • local-storage-json Local Storage JSON ==================
  • long-list Long List ==============
  • now-playing Now playing sets doc title and submits to a service (scrobbles)
  • playqueue The last play queue dan will ever write.
  • song-library song-library ============
  • touch-element This gives a more native feel to touching an element. Uses 'touchstart' event which is a lot faster than 'click'. Like native apps, you can touch an element, then drag your finger off the element and it will not register as a click. If you drag your finger back on, it will register. For non-touch devices, it will fire the 'touched' event when it detects a click.
  • touch-list-item This will add and remove styles to an element in a list simliar to how iOS or Android natively does it.
  • touch-pic-gallery
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