Packages by davewasmer

  • biblejs Normalize bible references, convert them to machine readable formats, query and manipulate them
  • broccoli-inspect Tools for understanding and debugging your Broccoli build
  • carboy
  • grunt-coffeescript-sourceurl Append //@ sourceURL=... to your Coffeescript files that will survive compilation and preserve source mapping.
  • grunt-include-bootstrap Use Bootstrap the right way. Automatically include the LESS soure, and selectively override default values.
  • gulp-continuous-concat Continuously concatenates files (makes gulp-watch useful again for concated files)
  • marathon Pow for node; keeps your node apps running for you, plus pretty yourproject.dev URLs
  • marathon-dns Change localhost:3000 to myapp.dev
  • oofile An object oriented, synchronous file system library, great for command line scripts
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