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  • angular AngularJS provided as a CommonJS module. Compiled with jsdom when running in Node. Useful for client-side apps built with Browserify and for testing AngularJS code in Node without depending on a browser.
  • bower The browser package manager.
  • browserify browser-side require() the node way
  • cas Central Authentication Service (CAS) client for Node.js
  • grunt The JavaScript Task Runner
  • hbase-client Asynchronous HBase client for Node.js, pure javascript implementation.
  • mocha simple, flexible, fun test framework
  • node-uuid Rigorous implementation of RFC4122 (v1 and v4) UUIDs.
  • nodemon Simple monitor script for use during development of a node.js app.
  • qunit QUnit testing framework for nodejs
  • uuid Rigorous implementation of RFC4122 (v1 and v4) UUIDs.
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