Packages by dawicorti

  • dewey Documentation generator for Javascript
  • earpjs Layout manager for Titanium based on Handlebars
  • titanium-namespace Returns Titanium or mockti depending on the environment
  • setp Set an object value pointed by a dotted string
  • neag-location A location node
  • ooo Another async pattern for node, based on EventEmmitter
  • neag-node Root for all queries
  • tetanize Concat a Node package to a single CommonJS file
  • pandanet-io-proxy Socket.io proxy for the Pandanet (IGS) protocol
  • nodyst NodeJS for mobile development
  • basil Middleware oriented proxy
  • drummer 2D Rendering engine for node based on SDL2
  • pandanet-proxy Socket.io proxy for the Pandanet (IGS) protocol
  • wyatt Wyatt brings mustache to your titanium application
  • purelint PureLint is a JSLint wrapper, easier to use
  • tinsmod Insert modules in the current Titanium repository
  • holliday JQuery interface for Wyatt manipulation
  • component-preview Preview component in browser in a single command line
  • neag-wall Wall node
  • pandanet-client Socket client for the Pandanet (IGS) protocol
  • and 2 more
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