Packages by dead_horse

  • pwechat push wechat
  • hsfbm alibaba hsf benchmark module
  • diff-buf compare two buffer in node.js and output the diff
  • error-inject inject an error listener into a stream
  • hessian-protocal hession protocal in js
  • utility A collection of useful utilities.
  • var-style Transform variable style between camel case and snake case.
  • autod auto generate dependencies
  • printable print array like table into console
  • co-gather Execute thunks in parallel with concurrency support and gather all the results
  • moduletest
  • okey a high layer framework base on koa
  • webt A node connect base web template
  • co-github co wrapper for node github api
  • co-any Execute thunks in parallel and return after any of them return
  • ngen-edp Package generator (structure, changelogs, tests, package.json, etc)
  • koa-error-handler koa error handler, hack ctx.onerror
  • koa-markdown Auto convert markdown to html for koa. Inspired by connect-render
  • koa-rt X-Repsonse-Time middleware for koa with microtime
  • koa-bodyparser a body parser for koa
  • and 49 more

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