Packages by demon

  • pomelo-aoi pomelo-schedule is the aoi module used in the demo of pomelo.
  • pomelo-bt pomelo-bt是pomelo项目中AI模块所依赖的行为树模块,提供了基本的行为树实现。
  • pomelo-collection Pomelo-collection is the module for basic data structure in Node.JS. The prefix 'pomelo' means the module is build for the open source game server framework [pomelo](
  • pomelo-loader pomelo中使用Convention over Configuration的形式管理工程目录,不同的功能按约定放在不同的目录下。pomelo-loader为pomelo提供了按目录加载模块的功能。
  • pomelo-logger pomelo-logger ========
  • pomelo-pathfinding pomelo-pathfinding is the pathfinding module used in lord of pomelo.
  • pomelo-protobuf Protobuf protocol is a high efficient binary protocol for data encode, this module implement the protobuf protocol, and used in [pomelo]( for data transfer. Of course, pomelo-protobuf can also be used independently in other projects. ##Architecture Unlike the google protobuf, we provide a universal encoder and decoder in pomelo-protobuf. We use protos file as meta data to encode/decode messages, so you do not need to add any code to your project, instead , what you need is to add a protos.json (or two for different encoder and decoder messages) files to define the message need to encode by protobuf.The architecture of pomelo-protobuf is as follow:
  • pomelo-protocol Encode and decode binary protocol for Pomelo framework.
  • pomelo-rpc pomelo-rpc是pomelo项目底层的rpc框架,提供了一个多服务器进程间进行rpc调用的基础设施。 pomelo-rpc分为客户端和服务器端两个部分。 客户端部分提供了rpc代理生成,消息路由和网络通讯等功能,并支持动态添加代理和远程服务器配置。 服务器端提供了远程服务暴露,请求派发,网络通讯等功能。
  • pomelo-schedule pomelo-schedule is a schedule tool for nodejs, it's purpose is to provide a product level schedule module which is high efficient and can support large number job schedule.You can
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