Packages by deoxxa

  • saml2 SAML 2.0 IDP-agnostic transports and logic
  • fork-stream Fork a stream in multiple directions according to a function
  • metlink Abstraction of the API backing Metlink's iPhone app
  • suckthrough A duplex stream that writes its data to a suckit server
  • duplexer2 Like duplexer ( but using streams2
  • dissolve Parse and consume binary streams with a neat DSL
  • concentrate Produce binary data with a neat DSL
  • irc-protocol Streaming parser and serialiser for IRC protocol data
  • riffmint Collaboration in musical space
  • mysql-getter Very simple resource pooling for MySQL connections
  • express-abstracted-authentication-saml2 SAML2 strategy for express-abstracted-authentication
  • jesus Resurrect processes if they die
  • suckit Suck up a data stream and store it in LevelDB
  • npmrc Switch between different .npmrc files with ease and grace
  • roomy Parse Japanese real estate room descriptions like 1LDK into objects
  • docker-events Create an event emitter from dockerode's events response
  • tremor Follow leg-format log files and spit out data
  • bintail Like tail -f, but binary-safe!
  • proquint Identifiers that are readable, spellable, and pronounceable
  • xmlrpc-stream Perform XML-RPC using any kind of stream!
  • and 79 more
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