Packages by deoxxa

  • connect-winston winston logging for connect applications
  • roomy Parse Japanese real estate room descriptions like 1LDK into objects
  • torrent-util Various utility functions for making sense of .torrent files
  • bun A useful container for streams
  • passpack Multi-tenancy (read: virtual hosts) for Passport.JS
  • suds Fuck SOAP. Suds are all you need.
  • jsm It's like ASM, but it's JavaScript underneath.
  • dusty Compile a collection of dust.js templates
  • whatcd What.CD JSON API library
  • dotty Access properties of nested objects using dot-path notation
  • flvee Flash Video (FLV)
  • fork-stream Fork a stream in multiple directions according to a function
  • proquint Identifiers that are readable, spellable, and pronounceable
  • config-loader Recursively load JSON config files
  • nyaatorrents Interact with NyaaTorrents (, formerly
  • suckthrough A duplex stream that writes its data to a suckit server
  • express-abstracted-authentication-saml2 SAML2 strategy for express-abstracted-authentication
  • mongo-getter Very simple resource pooling for MongoDB connections
  • siql Siphon.IO Query Language
  • yttej Jetty in reverse. Parse ANSI escape sequences!
  • and 79 more
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