Packages by dexteryy

  • eventmaster A simple, compact and consistent implementation that provides both Promise/Deferred/Flow pattern and Event/Notify/Observer/PubSub pattern
  • generator-ozjs Scaffolding tool for OzJS which offers a packaging workflow integrates toolchain, micro-framework and many best practices
  • grunt-dispatch copy the necessary files of package/components directory to your src/build directory
  • grunt-furnace grunt tasks for transforming code from one format to another
  • grunt-ozjs grunt tasks for oz.js and ozma.js
  • jsdom-nogyp A JavaScript implementation of the W3C DOM, forked from jsdom, remove dependencies to contextify and node-gyp
  • karma-furnace-preprocessor A Karma plugin. Convert code from one format to another (like grunt-furnace)
  • karma-ozjs A Karma plugin. Adapter for OzJS framework
  • mo A collection of OzJS core modules that form a library called "Mo"
  • nerv A tiny, pure, event-based model wrapper for the MVC or MDV (Model-driven Views) pattern
  • ozjs A microkernel for modular javascript, a toolchain for modern front-end, a micro-framework for growable WebApp
  • ozma Intelligent autobuild tool for OzJS
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