Packages by dfellis

  • build-changelog A CLI to auto-generate a deploy ready changelog
  • clouseau A Node.js performance profiler by Uber
  • is-async Simple library for guessing if a function is async
  • queue-flow Chainable logic built on named (or not) queues for Javascript and Node.js
  • sloppy-queue-flow A constructor function for queue-flow that sacrifices queue correctness for parallelism
  • cache-dir An ES6 map-like cache with file-based backing
  • redis-broadcast Write redis commands to a set of redises efficiently
  • localize A GNU gettext-inspired (but not conformant) localization library for Node.js
  • binders binders creates binders full of bound methods
  • rainbow-dash Very fast color interpolation in Javascript
  • udp-rpc A simple UDP-based RPC server built on Node.js for low-bandwidth IPC.
  • parallel-queue-flow A queue-flow constructor function like sloppy-queue-flow, but less sloppy!
  • nuvpl Gate oxide breakdown prediction for the Non-Uniform Voltage Power Law for any given voltage distribution
  • async-cancelable-events Asynchronous cancelable (or not) EventEmitter-like object
  • multitransport-jsonrpc JSON-RPC where performance matters
  • 2csv A pluggable file format converter into Comma-Separated Values (CSV)
  • tlp2csv A 2csv plugin for the Barth Electronics TLP file format
  • express-route-util A Django-inspired routing and controller organization utility for the Express framework.
  • double-double-wrapper A wrapper for in-n-out to add resharing and caching of geofences without intermixing with usage logic
  • weibayes Weibull-Bayes eta solver
  • and 11 more
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