Packages by diff_sky

  • chaps cache fronted http api caller
  • deepval get and set object values using dot-delimited key strings
  • dockit automatic documentation generator
  • dustbuster cli and node module to compile dust.js templates
  • duster prime a dust.cache
  • dusting cli and node module to compile dust.js templates
  • ejstpl compile ejs templates for use clientside as js functions
  • github-oauth-token github access access_token token oauth
  • hbsc Handlebars precompiler
  • hifile generate markup for highlight.js file viewer
  • hoffman view engine for dust
  • lolspeak lolspeak translation
  • lots Little Open Ticket System. View todos and tags in a codebase.
  • noddocco parse strings for code and comment blocks
  • npmdall npmd install wrapper
  • powder static site generator
  • rind-modules rind modules symlink builder
  • stave Simple Static Webserver to quickly serve contents of a directory
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