Packages by dimsmol

  • sparklexmlupdate Small utility for updating sparkle RSS feed files
  • nxmlpp Simple xml pretty printer based on 'sax' sax parser
  • npgt pg tools
  • apis Library for creation web and websocket restful APIs
  • talking_frame Client tools to provide communication between windows and iframes via postMessage
  • ojster Objective JavaScript Templater
  • units Module-like system with two step initialization
  • args Command line arguments parser
  • repack JS objects repackaging tools
  • trun task runner
  • migr Fills foreign citisen arrival form required by federal migration service of Russia
  • never node.js daemon runner and monitor
  • ncbt callback tools
  • nerr Properly constructed base class for error objects
  • ops Applies defaults to options for your function and classes
  • marked_types Fix for instanceof issues.
  • authen Authentication tools - signing, tokens, password hashes
  • inh DEPRECATED, see README.md Was: both browser- and node-friendly inherits() for browserify
  • contacts_client Client library for 'contacts', provides 'contacts' API for both browser and apps
  • coauth OAuth client for apis using noauth
  • and 1 more
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