Packages by diorahman

  • apbd-dki APBD DKI Jakarta
  • beruntung Today is better than yesterday
  • bleeding-monk The bleeding monk.
  • co-iron thunkified iron
  • depak JSONify debian repository index files (Releases, Packages, Sources)
  • hemidrosis The blood sweat of mongoskin
  • kamu kamu is passport-aku
  • kasta Build user roles and access levels from a config object
  • koa-boom Using boom inside koa context
  • nan-bcrypt A NAN-ed bcrypt library for NodeJS.
  • nginx-vhosts-server Programmatically add or remove vhosts to a running Nginx instance
  • node-nnapi Nokia Notifications API wrapped as nodejs module, https://projects.developer.nokia.com/notificationsapi/wiki
  • node-wcc https://gitorious.org/+wcc-dev/qt-creator/wcc-qt-creator
  • panas sinergis api
  • rdiff rdiff binding
  • route-soup route soup from letters get /letters
  • tempel client app for tempel.blankon.in
  • untung-web untung web
  • vercmp Debian version comparison stolen from dpkg --compare-version
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