Packages by diy

  • namebot A node.js module for generating usernames based on a specified corpus.
  • cork An API utility belt for request.
  • diy Streaming API client for DIY
  • micron-throttle Token bucket based HTTP request throttle for Node.js
  • trebuchet A node.js module for throwing email around using the Postmark API.
  • dpla API client for the Digital Public Library of America
  • micron Minimalist extensions to the Node.js core HTTP server.
  • rodeo A realtime notifications system based on Redis and Node.js.
  • strainer Simple filtering of arrays and object streams.
  • sentiment AFINN-based sentiment analysis for Node.js
  • tineye Node.js client for the Tineye API
  • logo A streaming interpreter for the LOGO programming language.
  • simple A naive Node.js clone of Python's simpleHttpServer
  • fastly Fastly API client for Node.js
  • basic HTTP Basic Auth for Node.js
  • phidget Node.js bindings for the Phidget line of USB sensor and control interfaces.
  • troll Language sentiment analysis and neural networks... for trolls.
  • apostle Node.js API client for
  • generator Project bootstrapping with an emphasis on simplicity.
  • graffle-json OmniGraffle .OO3 to structured JSON converter
  • and 9 more
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