Packages by domharrington

  • does-index-exist Checks whether an index exists on a MongoDB collection
  • fileupload Route middleware for handling file uploads in Express
  • find-and-modify-stream MongoDB find and modify object write stream
  • generator-npm-module Yeoman generator for NPM module
  • gitlog node-gitlog ===========
  • gitme A command line tool to see your git commits across multiple projects
  • hashtag-time Parse a hashtag into number of seconds: e.g. #4hrs30mins = 16200
  • html-tweet Convert a tweet into HTML, parsing out #hashtags, @mentions and
  • number-abbreviate Abbreviate a number and add unit letters e.g. 2200000 => '2.2m'
  • pliers-npm-security-check Checks the security status of modules in your package.json against the web service
  • secure ACL for Node.JS. Including authentication and express middleware for authorization.
  • validation-stream Object validation stream for schemata schemas
  • validity-validate-if-set Validity validator which calls a subsequent validator if a value is truthy
  • x-frame-options Express middleware to add an X-Frame-Options response header
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