Packages by download

  • assist A set of helpers for small, modular middleware libraries
  • client-session-id A small session library that tracks the id of a client using signed cookies
  • dir-static Simple directory serving middleware
  • ender-deferred A simple Deferred engine for Ender
  • ex-static Fast, static file server middleware with built-in revving
  • mcstat Get status of minecraft servers
  • metre Metrics
  • moka Like Mocha, but doesn't get in my damn way
  • personagrata Small verifier for Persona (aka BrowserID)
  • reddy A ready function for Ender
  • simpleware Exremely simple Router and Middleware framework
  • smartcache A cache that keeps itself updated from data sources
  • ssess A very simple session middleware for connect
  • temp-guard A list of temporary email domains
  • thecache A simple in-memory cache for Node.js
  • votifier-client Server list module for sending votes to Votifier servers
  • wait-for-stream Wait for some data to become available on a stream
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