Packages by dtinth

  • bsearch Binary Search for JavaScript
  • connect-json A connect middleware that adds res.json(object), outputs JSON/JSONP and ends.
  • desire Dependency Injection Container in less than 50 lines
  • fnamemodify fnamemodify() from Vim for Node
  • headless-terminal Headless xterm emulator using vt (terminal.js).
  • ipedal A pedal for iPad.
  • it.js Object-oriented functional combinators
  • itself An even quicker way to create functions!
  • livestyl
  • livetty Broadcast your terminal, live!
  • ride Monkey-patching/overriding/hooking library
  • screen-buffer A simple screen buffer component
  • stfu serve the files (in the current directory) up
  • synchroscope Synchronize AngularJS scope between clients
  • tty2js convert .tty file to .js file for playing with ttyreplay
  • ttycast broadcast your tty to the world!
  • vt terminal emulation library for javascript.
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