Packages by dtudury

  • agnostic code style toggling... because I don't like yours and you don't like mine
  • bigint16 simple fast readable js library for big integers
  • castly unmarshalling and type-casting in javascript
  • cryptoped smaller faster but very specific crypto library
  • evently simple event-like function stacks
  • gnit promise wrapped git for node
  • is-a type checking "micro library"
  • questly promise based browserifiable request wrapper
  • static-evently slightly faster static version of evently
  • steply asynchronous promise-like function sequencing for dummies (like me)
  • tarot automatic tarot readings
  • termly basic wrapping around term
  • throwify utility to wrap error calling async's into error throwing async's
  • verily overly helpful semver version bumper (update package, search for build meta tags in html files, and push a git tag)
  • watchly very simple object watcher using very simple events (evently)
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