Packages by durango

  • auth.net.types A collection of Authorize.net's types/data types/xml objects.
  • sequelize-migrator Migrate SequelizeJS migrations without SequelizeMeta table dependency and depdency management.
  • clever-timezone-backend Timezones for CleverStack
  • clever-upload-backend CleverStack file uploading and management
  • clever-csv CleverStack CSV processing
  • sequelize-postgres Sequelize + PostgreSQL bindings - Unmaintained
  • clever-currency-backend The backend currency module for CleverStack. Provides seed data and routes for you to pull down a list of currencies.
  • clever-countries A list of countries for SQL and MongoDB within the CleverStack ecosystem.
  • clever-odm CleverStack ODM (NoSQL) Module
  • auth-net-types A collection of Authorize.net's types/data types/xml objects.
  • auth-net-request Authorize.net requests for Node.JS
  • clever-background-tasks
  • clever-roles Adds permissions and roles to users with CleverStack
  • clever-auth-google CleverStack authentication with Google services
  • cleverstack-cli Command line interface for CleverTech's CleverStack
  • clever-orm Clevertech ORM (SQL) Module for CleverStack
  • sequelize-auto Automatically generate bare sequelize models from your database.
  • auth-net-cim Authorize.net CIM bindings for Node.JS
  • clever-workflow Amazon's Simple Workflow for CleverStack
  • clever-survey [![Build Status](http://img.shields.io/travis/CleverStack/clever-survey-backend.svg)](https://travis-ci.org/CleverStack/clever-survey-backend) [![Dependency Status](https://david-dm.org/CleverStack/clever-survey-backend.svg?theme=shields.io)](https://david-dm.org/CleverStack/clever-survey-backend) [![devDependency Status](https://david-dm.org/CleverStack/clever-survey-backend/dev-status.svg?theme=shields.io)](https://david-dm.org/CleverStack/clever-survey-backend#info=devDependencies) [![CleverTech](http://img.shields.io/badge/clever-tech-ff9933.svg)](http://www.clevertech.biz/)
  • and 7 more
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