Packages by dwittner

  • multi-glob Small wrapper around the glob module that allows globbing for multiple patterns at once
  • stack-filter Cleaner and more readable stack traces for all
  • buster-static QUnit style browser based test runner
  • samsam Value identification and comparison functions
  • buster-html-doc HTML doc feature (as found in JsTestDriver) as a Buster.JS extension
  • posix-argv-parser POSIX compliant command-line argument parser.
  • buster-configuration Groks the buster.js configuration file, including resource loading, file globbing, grouped test configs and more
  • buster Buster.JS JavaScript Test framework. Meta package that pieces together various sub-projects.
  • ramp-resources Virtual file systems for exposing files and other resources on e.g. web servers
  • prefsink User-provided preferences for your Node program through ~/.<your-project> and environment variables
  • buster-sinon Sinon.JS integration for the Buster.JS test runner
  • referee Assertions for any JavaScript test framework and environment
  • buster-test Promised based evented xUnit and BDD style test runner for JavaScript
  • ansi-colorizer Colorize/brighten text for terminals with ANSI escape sequences
  • buster-analyzer .. default-domain:: js .. highlight:: javascript
  • buster-node A minimal Buster.JS configuration for testing node modules
  • buster-test-cli Cli tools for Buster.JS test runners
  • fs-watch-tree Recursively watch directories for changes
  • buster-syntax
  • referee-sinon Sinon.JS assertions for referee
  • and 9 more
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