Packages by dyoder

  • alexandria A storage interface to store crawled content in Elasticsearch
  • ark Packages code for the browser as Node modules.
  • aws-cloudsearch Simple wrapper around AWS CloudSearch with a bus-based interface.
  • ax A simple logging library
  • bartlett A functional recursive descent parsing library
  • c50n A simple CSON parser/stringifier
  • canto Value added Redis
  • fairmont A collection of useful functions and utilities.
  • key-forge A simple random key generator for use with Node.
  • mutual Scala-inspired Actors that use Redis as a message transport
  • nice Component-based (instead of template-based) views for CoffeeScript
  • node-bus An event bus with wildcard matching
  • node-system Execute shell command synchronously.
  • orcastrike Distributed load testing for node.js using pirate.
  • panda-glob A globbing wrapper around minimatch optimized for multiple calls against large directories
  • pirate A simple storage interface with adapters for different storage systems
  • rephraser HTTP Server For Testing
  • shred A simple HTTP client for Node.js and browsers. Supports gzip, cookies, redirects, and https.
  • typely Lightweight (meaning relatively fast) type-checking in CoffeeScript.
  • verse Forward-looking Stylus CSS framework for CSS3/HTML5.
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