Packages by euforic

  • monglodb Portable Pure JS MongoDB With Extra Awesomeness
  • tipm-wiki tipm wiki package fetcher
  • tipm-create create(1) command for tipm(1)
  • authnet Node API
  • smail SMS texting API that uses carrier-specific gateways to deliver messages via Sendmail.
  • bodhi Bodhi5 Cli Tools
  • nect Depth camera library for kinect and asus xtion
  • hypar Hyper Speed Streaming HTML Parser / Mutator
  • coloring Command Line Text Coloring
  • ason Advanced JSON - pluggable JSON logic inspired by GYP
  • banking The missing Bank API for getting you statement data
  • jsparse-tools Tools for parsing raw javascript source code.
  • delog Node Debug Logger
  • chromlet Wrapper around chrome binary to create native like apps
  • apic Build epic API Clients that work on Browser, Node and Titanium Automatically
  • superstream The Voltron of node style streams
  • ndep Node as a npm dependency
  • odata oData api
  • gps-stream Streaming GPS data module
  • tipm Titanium package manager consuming git repositories
  • and 3 more
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