Packages by evanlucas

  • argsplit Split a string of arguments into an array
  • couchpkgs Grab a list of all packages in a npm couch database
  • dme2 This module allows one to connect to DNSMadeEasy's APIs (V2.0)
  • gcr A node gitlab-ci-runner
  • gitcount Simple utility to count additions and deletions for the past day
  • grunt-modverify Verify that your dependencies are registered in your package.json
  • image2pdf Very simple cli tool to convert multiple images to a pdf
  • jostle Pretty print jscoverage results
  • launchctl Native bindings to launchctl commands
  • launchd.plist Makes building launchd plists easier
  • mailgun-validator Validate email address using Mailgun's APIs
  • mdview A markdown viewer that allows one to test his or her readme prior to pushing to GitHub, GitLab, or publishing to the npm registry.
  • modverify Verifies that all modules that are used in the given directory are actually registered in the package's dependencies
  • newliner Coda 2 Plugin to ensure a newline at the EOF
  • nodengine-hl7 HL7 parser
  • pnum A wrapper for smart-private-npm that loads all of your private modules
  • readcontrol Read Debian control files
  • syserrno UNIX errors with additions for launchctl

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