Packages by evansolomon

  • cameron-streams Streams to help with testing other streams.
  • canoe S3 utility library
  • impromptu A sentient prompt.
  • impromptu-git A git module for Impromptu.
  • impromptu-system A system module for Impromptu.
  • kissmetrics-js Kissmetrics JavaScript library for the client and server
  • sculpt Generate Node 0.10-friendly transform streams to manipulate other streams.
  • soynode Utility for working with Closure Templates, aka Soy, from within a node.js application.
  • sparkfile A CLI scratch pad for ideas
  • summon An external dependency installer for Node.js
  • tweetable Readable streams for Twitter streaming API's.
  • use-impromptu Use impromptu, a better prompt.
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