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  • ulog The minimal logger.
  • fake Test your JavaScript with focused programmer tests. Fake depedencies.
  • better-metrics This is an alternative port of Coda Hale's metrics library.
  • felix-metrics This is an alternative port of Coda Hale's metrics library.
  • urun The minimal test runner.
  • microtest Unit testing done right.
  • ar-drone A node.js client for controlling Parrot AR Drone 2.0 quad-copters.
  • delayed-stream Buffers events from a stream until you are ready to handle them.
  • dirty A tiny & fast key value store with append-only disk log. Ideal for apps with < 1 million records.
  • librato-metrics A node module for sending data to librato metrics.
  • zabbix-sender A zabbix_sender wrapper.
  • mysql A node.js driver for mysql. It is written in JavaScript, does not require compiling, and is 100% MIT licensed.
  • bash Utilities for using bash from node.js.
  • m3u A node.js module for creating m3u / m3u8 files.
  • paperboy A node.js module for delivering static files.
  • nix Node.js bindings for non-portable *nix functions
  • dirty-uuid Generates non-RFC compliant unique ids.
  • felix-couchdb A CouchDB module following node.js idioms, created by Felix Geisendörfer <felix@debuggable.com> and fixed a little by me
  • combined-stream A stream that emits multiple other streams one after another.
  • http-recorder A tool to record and play back raw http requests.
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