Packages by fengmk2

  • co-defer setImmediate and stuff with generators
  • co-npm co-npm
  • nb nodebox cli.
  • koa-roles koa version of Connect-Roles
  • connect-render Template Render helper using `ejs` for `connect`: res.render(view, options). Support `connect` @1.8.x and @2.2.0+ .
  • nae-dgram nae-dgram
  • chanel Channel-based control-flow for parallel tasks with concurrency control
  • node-patch Patch codes for node <= 0.6
  • nae-http nae-http
  • screamable convert screams to readable streams
  • nae-os nae-os
  • pm Process Manager for Node.js, branched from node-cluster.
  • hbase-client Asynchronous HBase client for Node.js, pure javascript implementation.
  • odps Node.js ODPS SDK.
  • screams Simpler object streams using generators
  • oss-client aliyun oss client for node.js
  • mm mock mate, mock http request, fs access and so on.
  • archan Array-like generator-based channels
  • jscexify Jscexify all nodejs async API.
  • weibo Weibo SDK, base on node. Now support weibo, tqq, tsohu, twitter and github.
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Packages Starred by fengmk2

  • byte Input Buffer and Output Buffer, just like Java ByteBuffer
  • cnpm cnpm: npm client for http://npm.taobao.org
  • cnpmjs.org Private npm registry and web for Enterprise, base on MySQL and Simple Store Service
  • connect High performance middleware framework
  • growl Growl unobtrusive notifications
  • koa Koa web app framework
  • mocha simple, flexible, fun test framework
  • npm A package manager for node
  • npm-registry-client Client for the npm registry
  • sloc sloc is a simple tool to count SLOC (source lines of code)
  • urllib Help in opening URLs (mostly HTTP) in a complex world — basic and digest authentication, redirections, cookies and more.
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