Packages by fgnass

  • teal-instant Instant live reloading for Teal
  • filewatcher Wrapper around fs.watch with fallback to fs.watchFile
  • dirwatcher recursively watch a directory for modifications
  • stacked bundle multiple middleware functions into one stack
  • domino Server-side DOM implementation based on Mozilla's dom.js
  • statdir collect stats for all files in a directory
  • linger A busy indicator for the terminal
  • instant-server instant development server with live-reload support
  • teal-browserify Browserify support for Teal
  • rework-palette Rework plugin to resolve custom color palettes
  • rework-clearfix Rework clearfix plugin
  • rework-parent Rework parent selector support
  • browser-resolve-sync synchronous resolve algorithm with browser field support
  • sendevent Middleware for server-sent-events with iframe fallback
  • spin.js An animated CSS3 loading spinner with VML fallback for IE.
  • teal Modular stylesheets and templates
  • pageview Express middleware to use views for static pages
  • dommy A Document dummy that mocks just enough of the DOM API to render HTML.
  • gateway Middleware to execute CGI scripts
  • form2json Advanced decoder for form-urlencoded data
  • and 6 more

Packages Starred by fgnass

  • dish miniature in-memory http cache optimized for serving buffers or strings
  • jsdom A JavaScript implementation of the W3C DOM
  • send Better streaming static file server with Range and conditional-GET support
  • stack Stack is a minimal http module system for node.js
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