Packages by fidian

  • angular-placeholder Placeholder shim for IE8/IE9 and styling simplification.
  • build-monitor Watch a continuous integration/build server and provide real-time feedback
  • complexion A fast tokenizer/lexer core that is well tested.
  • fid-promise Promise/A+ compatible promises that are writen to be easy to read, debuggable, tested and won't break your call stack.
  • fid-umd Easily add UMD to your JavaScripts so they can be loaded with CommonJS, AMD (RequireJS), Rhino, node.js, in the browser and everywhere else.
  • grunt-if-missing Conditionally run Grunt tasks if the destination is missing.
  • OptionParser Command-line option parser similar to getopt
  • pretty-js
  • PrettyCSS CSS pretty printer, lint checker, and validator
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