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  • covreporter a javascript coverage reporter for mocha -r jscoverage
  • datamonitor DataMonitor =================== datamonitor是一个监控服务,启动之后监听一个端口。 客户端通过socket连接将实际用户的请求信息发送到这个服务器, {type, date, name, id, ext, action}\x01{......} datamonitor通过统计这些流量的频率来判断用户是否为爬数据行为
  • gitti a cli tool to calculate contributions of your project
  • jscoverage a javascript coverage tool, can be used in node dev, and browser side js dev
  • litelog litelog =======
  • liteserver liteserver 是一个轻量级的http服务器。 和别的服务器不同的是,这个服务器很懒惰,除了router的解析之外,每个请求会原封不动的交给controller处理 controller需要cookie、get、post等等的时候,才解析。
  • liteview node template engine,js template engine
  • nae Node App Engine Client Tool - v#v#
  • ncube a new way to write js in browser
  • node-cube a new way to write js in browser
  • xfs extends fs module, easy way to manipulate file system, support both sync functions and async functions

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