Packages by fjakobs

  • vfs-http-transport
  • treehugger treehugger is a Javascript library for program processing
  • vfs-http-adapter A http middleware to wrap vfs instances and expose them via a RESTful interface
  • vfs-shell-interop Talk to VFS from shell scripts using unix sockets.
  • v8debug Implementation of the V8 debugger protocol
  • netutil utils to find free ports in a range, checking if a port is open, etc
  • architect-demo Demo application build with the architect plugin system
  • sftp SFTP implementation for node.js
  • architect-fake-transports This is a fake transport useful for unit tests without real tcp.
  • nog Nog is a node powered web log
  • smith Smith is an RPC agent system for Node.JS used in architect and vfs.
  • cloud9 Cloud9 IDE
  • vfs-local A vfs implementation that works on the local filesystem.
  • ========
  • bitbucket Wrapper for the BitBucket API
  • kernel A simple async template language similair to dustjs and mustache
  • asyncjs async.js it for the node fs module, what jQuery is for the DOM
  • vfs-composite A meta vfs that composes other vfs instances.
  • node-heroku Wrapper for the Heroku API
  • amd-loader Add the capability to load AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) modules to node.js
  • and 18 more
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