Packages by franklin

  • mollie Access the Mollie API (
  • osx-photostream Process new PhotoStream photos in realtime with iCloud on OSX
  • tk102 Unofficial Xexun TK102 GPS server
  • directvps Unofficial DirectVPS API module
  • readcsv Parse CSV file with auto format detection
  • geoipcity Lookup IP details with Maxmind GeoIP City webservice
  • nzbmatrix Access the NZBMatrix API methods
  • passdock Access PassDock API methods for iOS 6 PassBook
  • europeana Unofficial module for Europeana API
  • bitminter API wrapper for
  • opencorporates Unofficial module for OpenCorporates API.
  • dnsimple Access the DNSimple API
  • authy-node Authy API wrapper
  • youtube-feeds Access public YouTube API feeds, mostly with the clean JSON-C results
  • geoip2ws Unofficial module for Maxmind GeoIP2 Web Services
  • artsholland Access the Arts Holland API
  • openkvk Unofficial module for
  • triodos-csv Parse Triodos internet bank statements
  • push-node Access the Push4 / App Notifications API (
  • climatecounts Access API methods
  • and 11 more
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