Packages by gagle

  • gfm Converts GitHub flavored markdown files to html and provides a web editor to live preview
  • streamifier Converts a Buffer/String to a readable stream
  • errno-codes Exposes the errno codes.
  • buffered-writer Writes buffered data to files
  • grab-bag Easily loads and stores system resources
  • progress-bar-formatter Formats a progress bar
  • deferred-queue Series control flow library
  • flavored-path path module revisited with backward compatibility and additional features
  • binary-reader Buffered binary reader with a fluent api
  • hex Pretty prints a Buffer
  • meta-path Provides metadata information about resource paths (file system and shared network)
  • rwd Warns if the process has been started with the wrong cwd
  • grace Graceful application with domains, cluster, error handling and Express support
  • argp Command-line option parser
  • buffered-reader Binary and event-based data buffered readers.
  • error-provider Manages errors for third-party modules
  • properties .properties parser/stringifier
  • tftp Streaming TFTP client and server
  • flavored-wc wc command ported to Node.js with additional features
  • speedy Tiny benchmark utility
  • and 7 more
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