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  • actionhero actionhero.js is a multi-transport API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks
  • actionhero_client actionhero client in JS for other node servers to use
  • bower The browser package manager.
  • es6-macros A collection of sweet.js macros that implement ES6 features for ES5
  • generator-angular Yeoman generator for AngularJS
  • generator-generator Generator Generator for Yeoman
  • grunt The JavaScript Task Runner
  • grunt-cli The grunt command line interface.
  • gulp-sweetjs Transpile Sweet.js macros
  • ionic A tool for creating and building Ionic Framework mobile apps.
  • shen Functional programming for generators
  • spdy Implementation of the SPDY protocol on node.js.
  • sweet.js Hygienic Macros for JavaScript
  • weinre WEb INspector REmote
  • yeoman The Yeoman CLI is deprecated. See for more info.
  • yo CLI tool for scaffolding out Yeoman projects
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