Packages by geraintluff

  • cbor-sync Customisable encode/decode for CBOR data (synchronous)
  • cookie-client Basic cookie-handling for outgoing requests
  • json-schema-compatability JSON Schema tools are now being written for v4 of the draft, but v3 schemas still exist out in the wild.
  • jsonary Jsonary - use JSON Schema in your client
  • jstl JavaScript as a templating language
  • jstl-server Jstl Server
  • mdpages Convert Markdown files to self-contained HTML pages
  • my-json Using MySQL databases as JSON stores
  • my-json-express Utilities for my-json in Express
  • relative-json-pointer Basic tools for (Relative) JSON Pointers
  • tv4 A public domain JSON Schema validator for JavaScript
  • tv4-coerce Coercive validation with tv4
  • uri-templates URI Templates (RFC6570) including de-substitution
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