Packages by gjohnson

  • starsky A higher level and opinionated library on top of node-amqp.
  • is-bot Determines if a user-agent is a bot/spider/crawler.
  • component-reduce Array reduce component
  • redis-geo redis geo-ip lokup
  • bitcrunch redis backed analytics for node
  • patch-as Patch ugly property names with a proxy to a better one.
  • loadscript non-featureful redis script loader
  • satisfies Checks whether a given value is with-in an http range.
  • redis-identity maps external id's into sequential id's
  • value-type little type system for values
  • graceful-shutdown Gracefully shutdown a server upon receiving the specified signal(s)
  • druuid Date-relative UUIDs
  • resource-agent Module for quickly writing api clients that roughly follow common rest patterns
  • ruler composable assertions
  • paranoid safe place to run functions
  • reduce-component Array reduce component
  • envcfg stupid simple environment aware configuration
  • should test framework agnostic BDD-style assertions
  • workforce A cluster manager inspired by Learnboost's cluster.
  • pluck pluck values from an object path
  • and 13 more
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