Packages by gre

  • audio-chunks slice/append/insert/subset/copy operations on AudioBuffer linked-list chunks
  • audio-notes Note frequencies for equal-tempered scale
  • audiocontext Web Audio API AudioContext shim
  • backbone-extend-standalone Standalone version of Backbone's extend
  • bezier-easing Bezier Curve based easing functions for Javascript animations
  • clickbutton A simple click button UI component
  • glsl-transition Make Transitions Effects with the power of WebGL Shaders (GLSL)
  • glsl-transition-example Simple slideshow example using [glsl-transition](
  • glsl-transitions Collection of GLSL Transitions Effects based on glsl-transition
  • jscrush Minimal version of a JSCrusher to be used for js#k golf contest
  • qajax Simple Promise ajax library based on Q
  • qanimationframe Promisified requestAnimationFrame with Q
  • qdebounce The _.debounce made for Q Promise
  • qimage Simple Promise Image Loader based on Q
  • qretry Promise retry system for Q
  • sliderjs lightweight slideshow engine using CSS, Canvas and WebGL Transitions
  • smoothstep The smoothstep function

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