Packages by gustavohenke

  • bselect The select decorator component that was missing for Twitter Bootstrap.
  • grunt-assetpush Grunt task for appending HTML tags for JS/CSS files
  • grunt-jquery-builder Creates custom builds of jQuery using the jQuery Builder tool.
  • grunt-jscs-checker Grunt task for checking JavaScript Code Style with jscs.
  • grunt-kiwi Grunt task for rendering Kiwi templates to HTML.
  • grunt-swig2 Grunt task for rendering Swig templates.
  • lodashed Lo-Dash, Underscore.string + some other useful functions in a single, powerful _
  • shrinkroute Easy named routes for Express.
  • swrap Simple Node service wrapper, with basic support for configs and classes.
  • toposort-class Topological sort of directed acyclic graphs (like dependecy lists)
  • webhostinghub-glyphs Bower repository and a Node.js customizer/builder for the iconic font WebHostingHub Glyphs

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