Packages by heff

  • chg simple changelog/release history manager
  • contrib a CLI for standarizing the contribution process across projects
  • contribflow Contribflow is a suite of high-level repository operations for making open source contributions easier. It's based on the git-flow branching model with modifications for the open souce workflow.
  • video.js An HTML5 and Flash video player with a common API and skin for both.
  • videojs-contrib-ads The `videojs-contrib-ads` plugin provides common functionality needed by video advertisement libraries working with [video.js.](http://www.videojs.com/) It takes care of a number of concerns for you, reducing the code you have to write for your ad integra
  • videojs-doc-generator Documentation generator for the Video.js codebase and plugins
  • videojs-swf The Flash-fallback video player for video.js (http://videojs.com)
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