Packages by henrikjoreteg

  • ampersand-collection-underscore-mixin A mixin for extending ampersand-collection with underscore methods.
  • reformer-username Field plugin for reformer, that handles the annoying problem of username validataion in forms.
  • ampersand-class-extend JS class extension tool for enabling easily extending prototype with multiple objects.
  • tryit Module to wrap try-catch for better performance and cleaner API.
  • semi-static Simple, lazy way to serve a directory of semi-static pages in express.js. Handy for building quick 'static' pages inside an othewise 'dynamic' app.
  • fingertips A highly configurable touch event library
  • columnizer A text formatting utility for printing nice columns in terminal output.
  • image-to-data-uri Clientside module (compatible with clientmodules) that takes an image url, downloads the image and creates a data URI for caching, etc.
  • ampersand-view A smart base view for Backbone apps, to make it easy to bind collections and properties to the DOM.
  • andbang Client for andbang api
  • andbang-express-auth Dead simple And Bang auth middleware.
  • webrtc.js World's easiest webrtc
  • favicon-setter Super-simple tool for dynamically setting the favicon image on a page.
  • ampersand-view-switcher A utility for swapping out views inside a container element.
  • ampersand-model ampersand-model helps you create observable models for your apps. Most commonly in clientside frameworks, your models are what hold data fetched from your API. But really, it's all about having a way to separate concerns. Your models should be your author
  • events-mixin Browserify compatible fork of component/events.
  • moonboots A set of tools and conventions for building/serving clientside apps with node.js
  • statey An observable, extensible state object with derived watchable properties.
  • getscreenmedia A browser module for attempting to get access to a MediaStream of a user's screen. With a nice node-like API.
  • att-express-auth Drop-in auth middleware for alpha-auth AT&T.
  • and 64 more
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