Packages by hitsthings

  • assets-middleware Abstract asset middleware for compilation, concatenation, and post-processing.
  • bower-server A quick'n'dirty port of Bower Server to JS. Why? The logic is simple and I am more familiar with JS so it's easier for me to muck around with.
  • browsercam Use your browser as video input
  • grunt-heroku-deploy Task to switch to a deploy branch and push to heroku
  • grunt-soy Grunt task to compile Soy / Closure Templates
  • istanbul-proxy Run Istanbul coverage on JS in the browser through an HTTP proxy
  • jsfeat JavaScript Computer Vision library
  • jsqrcode-lite Simplified version of Lazar Laszlo's `jsqrcode` for node.
  • live-ftp-upload Upload changed files
  • meat Meeting room kiosk app for displaying meeting room schedules and booking rooms in your organization. Built against Google Apps, but other sources can be defined.
  • plato-repo-report Serves up Plato reports for your Git repo
  • url2path Convert urls into valid file paths
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