Packages by hs

  • backbone-hooksync Get the CRUD out of your app. Define functions for Backbone.Model create, read, update and delete.
  • bucky Collect performance data from the client and node
  • bucky-server Server to collect stats from the client
  • enviro env ===
  • grunt-asset-bender A series of grunt tasks to help integrate asset bender pre-compilation, versioning, etc into a grunt workflow.
  • hsdoc Build docs for HubSpot projects using Docco
  • hsstatic Node bindings for the Hubspot Static Daemon
  • humanize-plus A simple utility library for making the web more humane.
  • mixen Combine Javascript classes on the fly
  • mixen-view-eventjanitor Cleanup events in Backbone subviews
  • nopents Node OpenTSDB client
  • odometer Transition numbers with ease
  • rodan API binding for the HubSpot Rodan monitoring app
  • salesforceclient NodeSalesforceClient ====================
  • schablone Schablone =========
  • tether A client-side library to make absolutely positioned elements attach to elements in the page efficiently.
  • tether-tooltip CSS tooltips built on Tether
  • unhapi Wrapper for debugging and logging libraries used by Hubspot JS
  • vee Proxy to make local development of static apps easy
  • waterfallnode Client to send data from Node into waterfall
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