Packages by hughfdjackson

  • ureal urls are serialised data structures; this library lets you treat them that way
  • restrictary Higher-order functions that restrict the arity of a function.
  • artifice Entity System, functional-esque game framework
  • persistent-hash-trie Pure string:val storage, using structural sharing
  • dom-doc
  • curried curried standard lib
  • luma A thin layer of JS OO sugar
  • op-lift turns js operators into delicious first-class functions
  • fatcheck A quickcheck library for JavaScript; designed to plug-and-play with test runners like [mocha](
  • flywheel Animation looping utility for the browser
  • curry flexible but simple curry function
  • immutable efficient immutable data-structures in javascript.
  • viral As simple as JS OO can be; in a tiny package
  • persistent Persistent data-structures from the comfort of JavaScript - a lá clojure.
  • immutable-hash-trie Pure string:val storage, using structural sharing
  • newnew the `new` operator as a function; compliant with es5.1
  • delve Delve recursively into a value to retrieve a property; without erroring.
  • const The constant function from functional programming: it takes a value and returns a function that will return that value:
  • doc-fn extracts documentation from functions for REPL and doc-compiling fun
  • tap-chain Supplies a single mixin to enable seamless function and method interop - see
  • and 2 more
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