Packages by iclanzan

  • generator-section Generate a Section website.
  • grunt-git-deploy Deploy files to any branch of any remote git repository.
  • grunt-jassi Validate JSON documents with Jassi.
  • grunt-npm-install Grunt task to install npm modules.
  • grunt-section A Grunt task that represents the backbone of Section—a modular static site generator for Node.js.
  • jassi Jassi is a JSON data validator.
  • section Section is a static site generator for Node.js built on top of Grunt.
  • section-analytics Section plugin that adds the Google Analytics tracking code to html files.
  • section-highlight Section plugin that adds code highlighting to html pages.
  • section-html Section plugin for generating html by processing underscore templates.
  • section-markdown Section plugin to parse markdown files.
  • section-router Section plugin that sets up paths for html files.
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