Packages by ifandelse

  • conduitjs Give any method a pre/post invocation pipeline....
  • gnosis A utility to traverse an object and execute a callback to transform the object, etc.
  • gulp-hint-not Gulp plugin for removing jshint comment directives from source code.
  • gulp-imports Gulp plugin for importing/including files
  • machina A library for creating powerful and flexible finite state machines. Loosely inspired by Erlang/OTP's gen_fsm behavior.
  • machina.postal A plugin for machina.js that auto-wires finite state machines into the postal.js local message bus.
  • monologue.js EventEmitter replacement with AMQP-style bindings and other advanced features. Compatible with postal.js's API.
  • monopost Monologue.js add-on that allows seamless bridging to postal.js.
  • postal Pub/Sub library providing wildcard subscriptions, complex message handling, etc. Works server and client-side.
  • postal.diagnostics Wiretap add-on for postal.js allowing configurable console.logging (or other) output of messages being published through postal's message bus.
  • postal.federation A base plugin for federating instances of postal.js across various boundaries.
  • postal.socketio postal.js/postal.federation plugin for federating instances of postal.js across socket.io (http://socket.io/).
  • postal.when A postal.js add-on enabling an aggregated response to a group of messages.
  • postal.xframe postal.js/postal.federation plugin for federating instances of postal.js across iframe/window boundaries.
  • riveter Mix-in, inheritance and constructor extend behavior for your JavaScript enjoyment.
  • strategy.js Targets an existing method and allows you to create a pipeline of 'strategies' that are executed prior to the target.
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