Packages by ikr

  • couch-js-devkit Tools to ease the deployment of npm modules and JS code in general into CouchDB
  • estimate-tasks Given the individual tasks' estimations, calculates the total estimation for the whole project
  • money-math bignum-based arbitrary precision operations on currency amounts "XXX.YY"; because floats are BAD for representing money
  • normalize-for-search Un-accents and un-umlauts characters in a string. Also preliminary converts the string to lower case. We use it for autocomplete: both for the matched strings -- on the server side, when indexing; and for the strings the user types into a text input in the browser.
  • translator-couch CouchDB schema for Magomogo/translator-utils, Magomogo/translator, and ikr/translator-node
  • translator-node Fetches translations from ikr/translator-couch, and stringifies ICU messages within Mustache templates under node.js
  • tv4-formats Common JSON Schema string format constraints in the form of tv4 validator callbacks
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